Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas Blog

December 2018

So, we begin in July.......My Beautiful Island of Mallorca.....!

An immediate trip up to ES GUIX and

To escape the heat there is no better place nestled in the cool Mountains of Escorcha.

Pepe our lovely host and Wine expert there to greet us as always... Fabulous dishes plus the joy of swimming in the natural Mountain Pool...Heaven!

Evenings spent at Sociadad in the Village of Andratx, excellent value for money...

SA Sociadad De Ca Na Fornera @sasociadaddecanafornera

NITO’S CHICKEN PLACE……. Situated in Terreno Palma…….No web Page

But believe me sooo good...that even the King of Spain comes here!

CALA CONILLS...My good friend Maria...This Restaurant is situated in San Telmo

GALICIA perfect fish restaurant in Puerto Andraix, wonderful Tony offers a great “plate of the Day” there is no comparison for value and quality.  .

A perfect quick short weekend spent in the Spa of the MELIA DEL MAR. ILLETAS.

One of my favourite places.....

Dr. JUAN GARCIAS BATLE….Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon. (My Hero!) More on this later,

also an eminent sculptor.

 Back to London...

Fabulous Mexican Event (as always) hosted by AEROMEXICO....

So many old friends missing this year...but made some new ones!

AH...CHIHUAHUA! There was representation but not my good friends

Gaby and Mama Sandoval.
So much to see and do. The train journey is a masterpiece ... I have so many wonderful stories of my experiences here, I think one day I may write a book...Talking about ALL the States of my adored Mexico! Chihuahua is the largest state in all Mexico.

Mi Amigo Fernando Barbachano... (Como Familia!)

Everyone knows that my Career began On the Island of Cozumel with this famous Dynasty

Owners of Mayaland.....The Lodge at Uxmal...The Mayaland and Lodge at Chichen Itza.

Fernando is the only person I know who delivers his guests to their destination by Rolls Royce.

Yucatan featured heavily at W.T.M. an excellent team headed up by Michelle Fridman Hirsch Minister for Yucatan.

Michelle Spoke at W.T.M. and gave some insight on the Secret of the Success of the Yucatan as a Travel and Tourism Destination.

The deputation also asked me for help with their Hotel accommodations. So guess where I put them?


A fantastic YUCATAN dinner Offered by the Minister of the Yucatan

Enjoyed a meeting with Travis Burke I now know so much about Dolphin excursions


 My good friend Lupita Ayala who does a fantastic job of representing and working with VELAS RESORTS in UK. A super reception hosted by Lupita (food fabulous) but then it always is if Lupita is around!


 I have not worked with this Property before but intend to in the Future


My good friend Giuseppe handles a wonderful selection of Boutique (off the beaten track) Properties so suitable for my “Client profile”


Another good friend   Marcellti Owns two exquisite hotels one in Loreto (a magical town) and one in La Paz (More to follow on these products)



The Man himself! Javier Aranda Pedrero I don’t know anybody who knows as much about this Area as Javier.

Another person I must give a special mention to is Olaf Bock von Gersum. This Man created many years ago a Ground services operation called: NATIVE TRAILS the man is genius the Company fantastic. You can have an Itinerary planned and costed in fifteen minutes!


Dinner with the wonderful Margie Gostyla of Reynolds and Associates at the R.A.C. In Pall Mall my fabulous Club....

A sensational Reception Given by Uniworld at the Chesterfield Hotel Mayfair

This was a whole new World for me! Also, a world of River Cruises I was totally enchanted

Title: Email_sig_V3

 I never knew that so much Luxury existed aboard a ship having spent my life on and off Aeroplanes I now see before me absolute paradise?????


A fabulous luncheon at this one of my favourite restaurants, staff are amazing, service fantastic, food divine my special thanks to Vincente Salas for inviting me. Vincente has headed up the Mexico tourist of in London and throughout Europe. He has worked like a Trojan! My thanks also to the General Manager Artan Mesekrani of the Ivy Restaurant.


Is now festooned for Christmas


Go there to Shop, go there for Tea. At Christmas it is a wonder land so many Mexicans arrive in London and head for Harrods, but they should include Fortnum and Mason

The Marvellous Ground Floor Manager Christophe de Laroussilhe


Held there Famous Christmas Luncheon, I have been a member for many Years.


I was in the chairman of this association for two years in the name of my beloved MEXICANA AIRLINES, The current chairman PATRIZIA GALLO Manger Saudi Airlines

Also attended a Christmas Luncheon at my favourite India restaurant The Bay Leaf, Whetstone London

So on this Festive note I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

To all my Mexican Friends FELIZ NAVIDAD


Cathy Matos X