Friday, 5 May 2017

April Blog

MEXICO to attend TIANGUIS. The Mexican travel market...Traditionally held every year in ACAPULCO...

Fabulous….I travelled in Comfort Class which I love….Plus I flew from Bristol. .which I love even more!
Check out K.L.M fares, they have to be seen to be believed…
Arrival Mexico City via Amsterdam, smooth and efficient as always…..
Met by my wonderful Mauricio. “ FIRST CLASS” This company take such excellent care of our Clients.

“Blown Away” by this gorgeous Hotel. What a transformation this property has had…..
It has become a National Treasure and iconic masterpiece. Comfort and cosy mixed together.
I always say I like a Hotel that I look forward to returning to in the evening!….You don’t actually have to “return”, Everything you need is here. PoolSpa…such pretty gardens…..
Much more to be written on this subject.
Oscar Olocer and Rene Aguado Director of Sales and Marketing.

Slick, sophisticated, trendy, elegant small Boutique hotel.
A visit to another of my favourite properties.
To see my good friend Michael Chichen.

No visit to Mexico City would be complete without Oblisk.

Believe it or not I actually visited  the Museum of the Cornish Pasty!! In Real Monte. How many people out there know that the Cornish Miner took his famous food to the Miners of Mexico taking silver from Cuernavaca!!

Simply the best!!

COSMETIC SURGEON – Tel: 00 5272 3182 Email:
Yes I have a facelift on the horizon!!

Travelled to CUERNAVACA and my “second home”!! HACIENDA DE CORTES..
Arrived in time for the famous Saturday Buffet. This simply cannot be beaten. Lovely memories from these gardens and pool area. At night a Romantic Escape from reality…!  Call me at “My Private Mexico” or "Cathy Matos Mexican Tours" for more details of this lovely property

From Cuernavaca I travelled by Bus. ESTRELLA DE ORO….. Another treat that cannot be beaten.
Glorious comfort, T.V. Snack, toilet and reclining seats, excellent service…4 hours to Acapulco…..
Sheer joy…..There is a new platinum service available.

My very favourite Hotel in all the World. Room 508…Room service sublime

Attended a few functions of the World Famous Chef, Susanna Palazuelos, this woman just gets better and better….In fact “Nobody does it Better!!!

Invited by my good friend Vincente Salas, the Director of the Mexican Tourist Office U.K.
Vincente does an excellent job and he was just the perfect host for me in Acapulco.


ZACATECAS…soon to be a new  destination for me… I intend to promote and develop this beautiful and slightly unknown destination to the UK travel industry.

My good friend… Eloisa Vadillo, concentrates on properties:
As everyone who knows me knows…I adore COZUMEL….

A very private very, very special Hotel situated between Merida and Celestun on the coast…
New equally unique Hotel WUYAM is the sister hotel.  Jaime Solis is the “main” man!!!

This gorgeous Hotel in Merida.  they were not in attendance but I intend to work a lot with this property in the future.

Bumped into my old friend Alvaro Zubeldia who now owns Hotel Palomar in San Miguel Allende.

Posada del Tepozteco - I hope to working a lot more with this property in the future.

As most people know I have the Offices in U.K. for this small Airline. Great frequent flights to Cozumel from Cancun, between Cancun and Chetumal.
As the title suggests Mayair literally connects through to major Mayan Sites throughout the Yucatan. Carlos Martinez is the man at the top!!
New find for Cathy Matos…..Perfect for the one or two night stopover for our clients en route to Tulum/Merida etc.

I met up with all my friends from this fabulous region…
 Laura Martinez Iturribaria - Director Tourist Promotion for Oaxaca

I Love ACAPULCO...being the eternal Romantic that I am. ..I so enjoy the history of this place. In the 50’s …

The Hollywood stars flocked here .Sinatra had a home, also Merle Oberon( Most people reading this would not have a clue who Merle Oberon was)!!!

How sad that so much bad press has almost destroyed this authentic Mexican resort….but not for me. I still enjoy the peace of the place the tranquillity and the sheer “Mexicaness “ of it. The sophistication and most important of all STYLE!!

“Come to know my Private Mexico “…………………………………(As it really is)…….!
The Travel Market was a great success - en hora Buena Acapulco.  See letter below


April 2017.

Dear Cathy Matos,

We wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for your participation during the recent 42nd Tianguis Turistico that took place in Acapulco last March.

We are pleased to inform you that this Tianguis edition concluded very successfully and would like to share with you some of the most relevant figures:

There were 705 Exhibiting Companies in 545 Business Suites with more than 3,000 Exhibitors as well as the presence of more than 1,600 Buyers from 88 different Countries carrying out  more than 37,000 appointments.

These numbers are the result, among others, of your presence and enthusiastic participation in this Premier Mexico Tourism event.

Thank you very much again and look forward for your participation in tin Mazatlan for Tianguis 2018!

Cordially yours,

Ghyslaine Richaud

International Trade Director

Yes.. We actually went to Paris in the month of April…….. How wonderful is that and how wonderful it was….
We travelled on glorious EUROSTAR...The best!!...I don’t think I will ever fly to Paris again….
The  Eurostar Customer Service here in London was second to none. The journey short and sublime. Loads of champagne and I bought strawberries...
Arrived: walked across the street to our previously booked table at  “Terminus  Nord” Masses of Oysters, more
Champagne and steak Tartar !!
Stayed at Opera Faubourg….which in fact is very close to a Florists called. Liliane de Matos…!!.
Comfortable and cosy Hotel.. Inexpensive…..
We just walked, ate and slept….

On the subject of food…Visits to lovely Eva and Patio Restaurant Shepherds Bush…..

Lots of swimming with Charlie (Now 5 going on 50!)

Art Exhibition at Jean Dennis. Jean is the absolute expert on Beryl Cook paintings.

Association of Women Travel Executives…. I have been a member for more years then I wish to admit to. 
This is a great association. I am proud to have been a Member for so long….. .. Going through a difficult personal time as I am at the moment, apart from the professionalism of A.W.T.E. I find comfort and support in the comradeship.
Sadly the current Chairmanship of  Debbie Dee….. has come to an end…..Good Luck to her.

Another long time Association for me…. Lots of meetings and discussions…

Attended an airline reception hosted by EMIRATE AIRLINES  (Voted Best Airline in the World) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Food superb.  Caught up with a lot of old Airline buddies including Zoila Taveras, American Airlines.  This lady will go far!

The main highlight of my Mexico visit was lunch with one of my favourite people in the remain anonymous!

Hasta pronto