Thursday, 7 February 2013

Christmas Blog, slightly late I hear you cry, but January came crashing in so fast and so busy…..!

Let me first say that we have moved back to our little home. Thanks must go to our builder. We had asked Churchill to have our own company take on the rebuild but along came Mr Gorgeous! James Mangan he and his team were marvellous and I’d never doubt using him again.

During the works we spent 8 months at the Grims Dyke Hotel but, as I have said many, many times, what a hotel, my home from home.

I would like to comment on the service we received from Churchill Insurance, words cannot express how grateful I am with the way they handled everything. However the medal of honour has to go to Crawford’s.

Crawford’s is an independent provider of claims management solutions working alongside the insurance industry. Our direct contacts were David Marshall and the wonderful, Alan Wheatley. At the worst point of our ordeal, the calming and confident words of Alan helped me.... Imagine how difficult I found it to work, manage a company and have this going on in the background, but Alan put salve on the wounds. It is because of these two gentlemen that we will continue to use Churchill for all of our insurance needs.

A Family tragedy occurred on 15th December 2012 (same date that our house burnt down in Christmas 2011) but little Charlie managed to pull us through it, and with Christmas just around the corner he was the light of our lives, at just a year old found everything to be magical.

Business for Mexico began to flow in January. Trailfinders seem to have cornered the market (or “My” Mexican market at least) for Bespoke Tailormade itineraries, It is very gratifying for me personally to witness this since I spend considerable time travelling around the country training Trailfinder Consultants in the art of the Tailormade article. I therefore notice the increase and the “Confidence” of the Consultant branching out to… all sorts of “Off the beaten track properties being requested.
One and Only Resorts

We have been spending time with Caroline the Account Manager Leisure of the One and Only Group, one of her many responsibilities is their resort in Los Cabos, I’ve had a lot of connections with this property, remembering it before it ever came into the group, when it was just a very private, very upmarket country club called Palmilla. The wondrous grounds and gardens are still there and of course the beautiful beach, so different to the other hotels in that there are rocks and coves with exciting and romantic places to visit and wander. The Nicklaus signature Golf course is currently the number 2 resort in Mexico with some breath-taking views of the Sea of Cortez. For children it is quite a paradise of fun and adventure, supports a kids club second to none.

I myself like to concentrate on the whales, One and Only have their own yacht, and, of course we at Mexican Tours arrange visits to Guerro Negro, this is the bay where the grey whales come to calve. It is sad that travellers do not spend time exploring these nature areas.

To journey up to Loreto from Los Cabos is almost a spine tingling experience!  Also how many people realise that they can make a two centre holiday with Los Cabos and the COPPER CANYON! There is a flight and a ferry between the two.

One day when you think “Crowded Caribbean Beaches” Think Los Cabos. Caroline by the way, is one of the best hotel people I work with in the UK.

Received Christmas greetings from my good friend, Camilla Bailey. How many of you out there know Camilla, one of the very best travel consultants and planners in the World. Up there with the greats! Lisa Hilliard, Jack Leaf. Camilla recommended we take on a trainee, so lovely Helen came to us and is brilliant! Helen is the daughter of a family we helped with their visit to Mexico two years ago that Camilla and I organised.

Christmas greetings also from our friends at Viceroy or, to all those old enough to remember IKAAL DEL MAR as it used to be.

This jungle paradise has been around long before the man put his shovel into the sand and Mayakoba was created..!!

This property is truly private and special

Upcoming Fairs where you can find me!

The famous Collett’s Travel Fair, 3rd March, held at Lords Cricket Ground, great venue (especially for me since I am a Lady Tavener!) great ambiance, food and Travel chat. I will be there if anyone needs to talk Mexico!

Off to one of the most important tourist events for Mexico, Tianguis, between 17th & 20th March, This year to be held in Puebla, which is too beautiful for words.

Meanwhile, I have just returned from F.I.T.U.R. the Spanish Travel Fair, I am a huge “Madrid person” I love my favourite restaurants, La Bola and Casa Lucio, plus Flamenco till dawn at Cafe de Chinitas.
Am attaching my video in case anyone wants to see it, I am hoping to be doing another one for MEXICO CITY very soon. Enjoy…

Cathy xx