Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More travels...

Please excuse me if this ‘Blog’ is not the ‘norm’!

This is only my second attempt so I can only write down how I feel and what I am doing at that precise moment…so what you see is what you get!

At this precise moment I am in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria…waiting for Yurena’s baby to join us!

Yurena has worked at Mexican Tours for nearly 6 years and whilst, of course, she is extremely happy waiting for her child, I am wondering how on earth we will cope without her for the next months. 

Everyone within our company has a world of knowledge on Mexico at their fingertips – Yurena knows as much about Mexico as I do however we have Jackie coming on board to help us.  Jackie has travelled extensively with me within Mexico (she is Joanne's Godmother!)

Just so everyone knows, I will be in and around the office everyday plus I promise to have my mobile switched on at all times to give any help and advice.

Just have to tell you how Las Palmas is – FABULOUS...the little beach resorts are quite reminiscent of Mexico, with their pretty painted houses – and of course so like Havana!!

I lived here for 6 months many years ago! I was a stewardess with a small Mallorcan charter airline! After I was caught smoking on duty by the chief pilot (whom I subsequently married) I was banished to Las Palmas as a punishment in order to fly the "dreaded" (because it was so long) Canary Island/Stockholm route twice a week! (No rules and regulations on working hours in  those days) anyway…some punishment, it was lovely, I will always remember the smell of the sea! The glorious stretch of beach at Las Canteras....Still the same,
still the same lovely Atlantic ocean smell.....On this subject I also never realised in  those days that Christopher Columbus sailed from here with his 3 ships to the Americas!  Having dropped my sunglasses in the sea at a wonderful little cove we found I can only assume that this very expensive article is now on its way back to Bloomingdales from whence they came!

I am cosily ensconced in the Tryp Iberia (a Melia property) which has the most wonderful old fashioned service, however I do have to say .. what on earth were we doing when living here? How come we never visited the old quarter of the City situated within walking distance of the Melia and just a delight, you are literally stepping back into 1492!
This visit has reminded me of how much these islands have to offer to the more discerning traveller.  The Canaries are as misunderstood as Mexico when it comes to luxury travel.