Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Cruise - April 2008


APRIL 2018


I am sure if I bring up my Little Blog from 2017 (discovery 1) I will find I have repeated myself a lot!!

Never could I have imagined I would enjoy the same wonderful experience.

Having returned from our annual Travel Fair in Mexico just two days before. Very tired and looking forward to a break. We arrived as foot passengers to Palma Port.  A little bit of hassle due to bad

signage but check in was smooth and professional…. We were unable to secure a cabin with balcony

I was therefore apprehensive about our “Outside Cabin”  You have to remember at this point that this was only the second cruise of my life! I found a crisp , clean and actually cosy room! We took lunch on board and then looked forward to Siesta!!!

Dinner, excellent a la carte cuisine,  beautifully  served  in the Italian Restaurant . We were delighted to find Antonio and Nicola (who we met last year) attending in the restaurant, both having transferred from Discovery 1

 At sea next day, sublime relaxation and what did we do?   Sleep and read in the quiet

Veranda  “adults only” section with waiter drinks service!!

CIVITAVECCHIA……. Little  Seaport Town.. I asked Peter if he wanted to travel the one and half hours by train to Rome. .I thought we could throw a coin in the Trevi  Fountain…..we  decided we wanted to  - guess what?  go back on board lunch and yet another siesta!

MESSINA:  An absolute blast….  I personally caught up with family…Gisela met us at the Town Hall

Messina is a joy in that you can just leave the ship and walk into town. Off we went for a typical Sicilian breakfast of Granita and Brioche ,loads of cream and  chocolate all fabulous from the local cafĂ© –CIOCCOLATO PURA, Via Consolare Pompea, Villa St.Agata. (remember you can just catch the bus at the port to St.Agata.)

Off then to a gorgeous fish lunch up in the hills through “Corleone country”. The dishes went on and on …,  a whole octopus, mussels cooked in marsala , salmon, fresh tuna, crispy whitebait et al.

 I never wanted to leave,  the restaurant is called La Trattoria del Marinaio – Via Nazionale, 109 – Galati Marina - Messina  -  “The Sailor”

Very sadly returned to the ship..(I could have stayed for ever !!

However what a surprise awaited us… There are six restaurants on board , all good, simple fresh foods. One of the premium restaurants  SURF AND TURF  is always booked but suddenly a table had appeared!! Nothing was to prepare us for this amazing experience .  I swear I could have closed my eyes and I could have been in the Dorchester!! Perfect ambience, wines, lobster and Steak…desserts to die for.!!

Me the great “snob” of Travel was speechless for once!!

 NAPLES. We immediately caught the bus to the Station Plaza Garibaldi and caught the train to Sorrento, only 6 euros per person….We went last year so we had our favourite places!

Back into the City… on the inevitable search for the best Pizza! The delightful place recommended by James Martin was impossible since this was the 1st of May a National holiday. With the queue across the street we decided not to stand in line and we found our own tiny place down a side street we would  go there  again and again in a heartbeat . Scrumptious pizza, ice cold beer and a real jolly guy.

Pizzeria Friggitoria Napoli Centro – Via Miroballo, 29/30 – Napoli – Tel: 081 - 18374528

Return to the ship and  yet another surprise;  an invitation to the  Captain's Table…..This charismatic man was a delight, Captain Jason Ikiadis… Thank you so much  for our invitation .We then danced the night away….…

I was over the moon to find a Barman who was from ACAPULCO, not only that but he remembered the weddings I used to arrange in Acapulco at fabulous Las Brisas…All those weddings were for Thomson  in their heyday.

 THE ELEMIS SPA!!! I spent a lot of time here with my fab masseuse Teresa.   For an incurable insomniac …….”Siestas and Spa’s” are paradise!!  .

So there you have it…a perfect 6 days…….at an incredible price……..PERFECT…

The whole point of me writing these words is to impress what a great product this is…..To get me on the first Tui (now called Marella) cruise was a miracle so imagine here I was again on the second one!!!

Well done Tui and well done everyone we encountered on this beautiful trip……..

I have recommended our experience to everyone including many of my data base clients, some dating back  many years….I have never made a “Package Tour”  !  but  would have absolutely no hesitation In recommending Tui Cruises to all these “Non Package Tour “ type client…

My biggest thanks have  to go to the girls in the my Tui High Street Shop…They did such an excellent job in putting this together…To say I am a “difficult” client would be an understatement.

 I am never in one place for very long and so hard to pin down on dates…..Known in the Travel Industry as “Only Mexico”!!!

I now have to add to my Bio…Mexico and TUI!