Monday, 11 May 2015

My Trip to Acapulco...

Acapulco 2015 

The reason for my trip to Mexico was to attend Tianguis Touristico, this is the tourism fair that has been hosted in Acapulco for the past 40 years.

I set off from Mexico City by road passing beautiful Jacaranda, Orange Blossom and many other spring tree’s in full bloom. Our first stop was Cuernavaca where we had lunch at Hacienda de Cortes where my dear old friend Juan Corral, the director of this beautiful property was there to greet me.

After lunch we headed for Taxco the famous silver city now appointed as a national treasure. Always eat Pozole! (Especially on Thursdays!) We arrived at glorious Las Brisas around early evening just in time for the famous sunset. This wonderful 1950’s Hotel epitomises Acapulco you can’t have on without the other!

The view of the bay is one of the last things I want to see before I die!
Joy of joy’s I was once again in Room 508, the room I love so much, my bed was exquisitely decorated with hibiscus petals and candles arranged along the two private terraces. A Bottle of wine, canap├ęs and my family sign outside the door. I had arrived in my own personal piece of heaven!
This particular room offers immense privacy but is also close by to the church situated at the top of the hill. I always love to visit here as there are many “ghosts” for me, I find it perfect to sit and remember all the special times and memories that have been created over the years by the many weddings and honeymoons that we at Mexican Tours have arranged including my own honeymoon 15 years ago!
I had friends staying, Deirdre & Nick, who were simply enchanted with Las Brisas.  I introduced them to “downtown” Acapulco, to the Divers and onto to the wonderful Los Flamingos, which began as a fishing lodge and general “secret” haunt for John Wayne, Alan Ladd, Sinatra and Johnny Weissmuller and to this day remains a quaint and very special place.

Moving on… Dinner at Bella Vista (Las Brisas) is an absolute must, as is Zibu this establishment is owned and run by Eduardo, who is the son of famous Chef and my dear friend Susanna Palazuelos.
So after my wonderful 4 days in Acapulco it was back to Mexico City.

Farewell to friends, Enrique the night manager at Las Brisas and my friend for 30 years!

Reyna Luna of Hotel Ritz ( and not forgetting my friends Lumi and Pal Kepeneyes.