Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello to all who read this....!!

I began this "manuscript" believe it or not in August...!! I felt compelled to write down my thoughts at that time! Then other pressing events took over and the "blog"just got shelved. I love to lose myself in writing so it is a bit of luxury which has to take second place to actual work however, here i am back again and here we go!

In August i watched and listened in total amazement and horror to the riot problems going on in and around London! How many times people say to me "Mexico is dangerous, Mexico is violent and so forth and it is always from a source that has never been to Mexico having absolutely no idea as to how the country or the history is.

So there i was watching all this going and i was reminded of my childhood in North London, Lving in a deprived area amidst Squalor,aggression and ignorance. Mexico for me has Sophistication, Culture, Style and all that comes with good manners and personal pride.!! I have never seen riot in Mexico City! I have never been accosted by a "Hoodie", never felt afraid to walk alone in the city. How afraid would i be to walk in Tottenham.?

August also bought some lovely events, the annual Trailfinders party by the river. We very mindful of the wonders of "My "Mexico.. Here at Mexican Tours we create quite detailed itineraries to show the real wonders of the country and not just a standard "easy" package product. The consultants at Trailfinders are all very interested in learning about the product.

September found me en route to Mexico again, but this time with a difference. Flying Iberia in Business Class was a revelation! I left on the early flight out of Heathrow to Madrid and a very efficient transfer to Terminal 4 enabling me to connect with the Mexico Flght. Fabolous food...all the things i love...gorgeous wines... I watched 4 episodes of Madmen, what more could anyone want. Lots of laughs with the Crew with our memories of my days flying out of Mallorca. The beds are comfortable, the wine's superb...I really loved my flight! Upon my return i could not wait to get in touch with my old mate Ray Blok "Mr Iberia" as he is known, to tell him how great it all was.....

Arriving refreshed and happy to Mexico City and the rain. Sad to see the Airport littered with Mexicana Aircraft...lying there like lost, scattered souls!! How much of my life went into promoting "My" airline, Mexicana!

I was attending a Travel Fair F.I.T.A (International Tourism Fair of the Americas)in Sante Fe. This is the business district some 45minutes outside the City:here we have great Hotels and restaurants; a bit like Canary Wharf but instead of City Airport you have Toluca (40 mins to Acaplco)..a small Airport but so well organized, non of the huge overwhelming bustle of Benito Juarez Airport. This complete 4day trip was expertly arranged by Christina Cunchillos of Latina Marketing. I cannot praise this company highly enough.

I split my time between The Camino Real and the NH properties.I could not fault either and cannot recommend them highly enough. I returned eventually to my home from home;Casa Vieja...but i did spend time on this visit at Las Alcobas.!!This Hotel is just perfect!! Yes it is...Watch this space...

I also made a discovery...I always teach my girls in the office that you cannot know a Hotel until you sleep in it.So off i went to the Royal...This is where my beauty Ladies are situated, in Zona Rosa.. i have been visiting these same ladies for 25 Years! Can you imagine?So this time i decided to overnight, hard though it was to tear myself away from my adored Polanco district but well worth it. I found a little treasure of  a suite overlooking the tiny roof top pool. Normally i walk from Uptown to Downtown along the glorious Avenida Reforma...but since i wanted to do some dedicated shopping i needed to be near the largest department store in Mexico City- Liverpool.!!

I have to say that i was completely lost in "heaven" in the Baby Department.. I only hope this baby of Joanne's (my daughter) is a girl because i bought everything in Lilac.!!

I also found a new experience to pass onto our clients- SAN LUIS POTASI.....a gorgeous little Palace, a true museum piece. I wonder how many people reading this Blog will know where San Luis Potasi is or Zacatecas;but these are places that we fit into our itineraries for the discerning client who wishes to see the REAL Mexico!! I could go into more detail, but i won't!! I have so much competition out there!! We consider ourselves to be the experts on Mexican Travel but it has been known for our competitors to copy ideas, and invade our enthusiasm. We spend hours on the intricate work of planning itineraries, it is so hard to have them stolen and branded into some "package" brochure.

We are Inventive, Dedicated and Passionate but we are not "Cheap"!!
Come to know Mexico, the Matos Way!!!!