Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Beginning of Summer

Well I have not said a lot of late…So much has been going on...

I returned from my adored Mexico in April after attending the annual Travel Fair held for the past 40 years in Acapulco.  Just made it in time for “The Wedding”!  London was full to bursting, all the Spring Flowers were out in full Bloom.  “It must be May” Anne Boleyn said from her prison in the Tower of London “because I can smell the Hawthorn”.  The City did not disappoint and it was a wonderful occasion... A joy to behold…

Business to Mexico also blooms at the moment…My office is busy with enquiries for the Tailor-made tours and the Special Experience that is Mexico…Who was it who once said, “Luxury is not a five star Hotel but an Experience”?

We attended many receptions during May, Capella Hotels to name but one.  We are involved with this property in conjunction with The Organic Pharmacy.  This glorious Hotel is situated in Los Cabos and the Organic Pharmacy is situated in one of my favourite spots, right opposite the London Palladium Theatre. Gorgeous products to buy and you may win our holiday to Mexico!

The great Ed Steiner from The One & Only came to London, one of the greatest Hotel Directors in the World!  The property, also situated in Los Cabos, is sensational but then all you “Fans” of One & Only out there know this…We at Mexican Tours can put together all those secret little touches to make a stay in Los Cabos, the holiday of a lifetime!

June came blasting in, sunshine, heat and long endless golden evenings...Ascot  and it rained!  Joanne refused to let me wear my Wellington Boots in the Royal Enclosure!…More summer functions…Dinner with Occidental Hotels, their Royal Hideaway on the Riviera Maya is one of my own personal, special places!
The annual Quality Travel picnic came and went...a wonderful event but of course it just had to rain! Our monthly F.A.A.(Foreign Airlines Association Luncheon) held at the Melia Hotel was a stunning success...Paella and croquettas!

On the subject of Paella y Croquettas…July finds me in Mallorca, whilst Peter hurtles along the Yucatan coast!  Let me explain.   Peter was despatched at very short notice to attend a travel Fair in Merida.  From there he took what can only be described as the Inspection trip from Hell!  I had planned an itinerary for a different Hotel every night for four days with site inspections at five Hotels per day!  Bless him,  he completed the entire project!  I will do a separate Blog for all the properties...

Meanwhile yours truly swanned off to the second most fabulous place on earth “My Mallorca”  and took a new Wine Tour..

I will explain in more detail to follow.