Monday, 16 April 2012

Off to Mexico with  KLM!


All the way through from Terminal 4 Heathrow to Amsterdam, there is a feeling of “Cool and calm”.  In these stressful days of Air Travel to feel this is simply amazing.

I have not flown with KLM for 15 years!  Here I am seated, happy and relaxed which is what I have been since the beginning of my journey!!

You do not have to exit from the Amsterdam terminal, so it is basically eyes down and shopping here we come ….. It is such a simple procedure to transit here.  On board again, sinking into heaven with my glass of champagne.
Travel time 10 hours 45 minutes, put that together with 45 mins London to Amsterdam and there you have it……Perfect!  Food superb, wines divine, (loved the pretty designer cutlery!)  and I watched all the Oscar nominated movies- what a fantastic selection of channels.

Now landing 45 mins ahead of schedule – how terrific!  The final touch my little blue “Dutch House” the treasured gift KLM always give which is so appreciated.  To anyone reading this and not knowing what this means then fly this great airline and find out!

Landing in Mexico City always gives me that tingly feeling!! Snow-capped volcanoes
set off by a magnificent sunset and 25 degrees on the ground! What more could you want? 

My wonderful ground people are there to meet me and I am whisked off to stay at  LAS ALCOBAS. 

Las Alcobas…. I know I keep making mention of this gorgeous property but with good reason; it is truly delightful. The bed was so welcoming, the staff friendly and helpful. I have never known the general manager Michael Chichen not to be on duty, needless to say there he was to greet me on arrival.
Next day I visited my faithful Casa Vieja - where the changes to the Presidential Suite are well underway.
Polanco , an area I know so well, I can get around in no time at all to visit  various places I need to  see ; I was able to get everything accomplished before my evening flight to PUERTO VALLARTA. There are departures every hour finishing with the late flight that connects  with every transatlantic arrival.
Stepping off that plane into the perfect evening temperature I thought, “How could I have forgotten how gloriously lovely Puerto Vallarta is?”
I was met by my dear friend Norma who heads up our  DCM  Viajes Tukari. There she was with the beautiful flower which is given to all our clients upon arrival….a true touch of Puerto Vallarta.
Nothing prepared me for DREAMS….I had specifically requested to stay here. So many memories of times gone by when it was the grand Camino Real , and there it stood in all its glory with the great sweeping driveway and  magnificent gates. My bedroom in the preferred tower was a masterpiece with a huge four poster bed a balcony and  jacuzzi.
Looking out to sea under a star sprinkled sky proves just how right it was to choose this location..The famous Mismaloya Beach just a stone’s throw and the “Village “ with its cobbled streets and quaint bars and caf├ęs a short walk away.
Next morning as I went down to breakfast a butterfly landed on my shoulder…that’s when I knew I was back in Puerto Vallarta!
Half an hour later I was on my way down to the centre..I walked there and took the local bus back. (By the time my stay was over I knew everyone on that Bus!)

The festivities for the annual Mexican Travel Market “Tianguis” burst into full swing.  Magical is the only word I can use.  I cannot remember seeing Fireworks like these!

The opening lunch with President Felipe Calderon (well, me and a 100 other guests) saw us start with the working part of the market.
Visits to and from, hotels, resorts, DCM’s, airlines, et al! A quite exhausting process but very necessary and mainly worthwhile.

Page 2 April Blog.

Made the 45 min journey out to PUNTA MITA.  Again I was completely unprepared for the  ST.REGIS and cannot find the words to describe the sheer stunning beauty of this resort. The reception area with its tier upon tier of flowers and cascading water is like a Monet painting. I was greeted by the general manager who personally prepared my Margarita! Lunch was a masterpiece of assorted sea foods, fish, salads and fruit.
The individual Bungalows are simply gorgeous, and the beach goes on forever with two accessible islands just offshore.  No client should ever spend less then 3 weeks  here ..Believe me -    PARADISE!!  ( with magnificent golf courses also available)
Plus a really top class Spa.
Sadly tearing myself away, a quick farewell to downtown Puerto Vallarta, a visit to the little  Hacienda san Angel… with the twin homes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton close b; .I wonder how many people still  remember “Night of the Iguana” the movie…not many I bet !

Farewell to friends; some old, some new found. My Dear Norma, Esmeralda and Jan (Dreams), plus everyone I met at St.Regis.
A very special thank you to Juan of Viajes Tukari who drove me everywhere.

Back to Mexico City, not so much a new Hotel for us but an old friend..La Casona…small boutique and soooooooo  Mexican Tours…Quick visit to the Royal, staying  in the little Suite by the pool, no one would believe how inexpensive this is!!
A chance to visit my very good friend Ramon, the best Silversmith I know, how pleased was I to discuss with him the replacement of  precious silver items lost in our fire. We recommend this Silver workshop to all our clients. Everyone should visit, not only for the beautiful craftsmanship but for the prices as well; they cannot be beaten. You will find all details on our Mexico City itineraries.

KLM was full to the gunnels on the return flight, but I  can only repeat  how great the crew were and what care they display to all their customers.
A  wonderful seamless transfer in Amsterdam and back to U.K.  oh and yes: we  are still homeless and having to stay at the GRIMSDYKE Hotel, very warm and welcoming it was too … I hope I return to Puerto Vallarta soon and I hope you do too!