Wednesday, 11 July 2018

July 2018

Believe it or not this Blog begins in December last year. I set off on what is probably the shortest visit I have ever made to Mexico City…A 48 hour journey which turned out to be a complete delight.

Delayed flight out of NYC due to snow.  Sitting in the lounge listening to Frank Sinatra and Christmas songs, sheer bliss. Took off in a snow storm.  Glorious service on United.

Arriving at The Four Seasons Mexico City

(One of my favourite Hotels) 2a.m in the morning

A beautifully decorated wedding reception in full swing.  What could be more wonderful than this glimpse of upmarket Mexico?

The New Year began and it seemed to be Mexico unlimited; from Rick Stein’s wonderful Cookery programme that visited every State in the Land; to the Movie “Coco”, who cried the most my grandson or me? The unceasing efforts of the Director of the Mexican Tourist Office, Vincente Salas, flooding the British Market continuously with news of Mexico. Even to my turning on the radio and suddenly hearing the voice of Carlos Frenk, CBE, a Mexican cosmoligist.  Fascinating.

Valentines day came and went with the great Porlock Oysters.

Attended F.A.A. (Foreign Airlines Association), the oldest Airline Club of its kind in Europe, on behalf of MAYAIR.

The Business Travel Show.

On the subject of Airline Clubs…I also attended the M.E.A. Interline Monthly meeting for the Interline Association and also the Alitalia meeting held at a fabulous restaurant in Soho, Enzo the Sicilian Chef.


I don’t think there is enough space to tell you all my own personal thoughts on Mazatlan.

I simply adored this destination. I was lucky enough to stay at the PUEBLO BONITO EMERALD BAY. What a lovely property, so pretty, such a spectacular beach. The Historical district simply took my breath away, So authentic, so REAL MEXICO! I made new friends in Gilberto de Toro and his lovely wife. They have a restaurant called GAIA. Heriberto Frias No.1301, Col. Centro, 82000 Mazatlan. I am hoping to get a hosted Mexican Kitchen week here in London for Gilberto; or should I say a Mazatlan Kitchen. This destination has to be visited, so totally unspoilt. They have little cars called pulmonias!  spent my whole time flying around in these dear little things. I made so many taxi driver friends…..I flew from Mexico city on Interjet.  This Airline just gets better and better.

Mexico is made up of 31 separate states, so for example, a Mazatlan trip can be combined with a Copper Canyon trip (Sinaloa State), on to Zacatecas, the Capital of the State of Zacatecas.

I must add here that the organizing of the Tianguis event was Faultless! My own special thanks goes to a gentleman named Juan Soria plus my own thank you to Vincente Salas for inviting me... 

April saw Peter and I take off on our second TUI Cruise…We took one last year and loved it!

Read my separate Blog on this and see how it went.

Then came the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan…What a beautiful event and a gorgeous day. London at its true best. In the evening we went to Maroush. This Restaurant never fails to impress, with belly dancing into the early hours!

Attended the AWTE Benevolent Fund lunch at one of my very special places; THE ROYAL GARDEN HOTEL.  The wonderful Mark Anderson in charge; many of my Mexican friends stay here. This was where the England team stayed in 1966 after the World Cup Win.

 Now we come therefore, to the subject of Football….I found myself mesmerised by the Mexico/Korea match! More tears when they won, they played with their very souls. I was so proud , y “fijate” I am not even Mexican! And so we come to this month July…A superb “Mexican Summer  Fiesta” was held  hosted by :-

                        MEXICO TOURISM BOARD

                        AERO MEXCO

                        CHEPE EXPRESS


                        AM RESORTS

                        VELAS RESORTS




Nieves Rodriguez is just amazing, what a job she does for Aero Mexico. .and of course, Vincente was there and we know what a great job he does!

Talking of working hard… I am very involved now in my new project… to be called


“Cathy is offering her 30 years plus of experience and Travel Industry knowledge, Cathy is about to launch her new portfolio to cover her favourite Hotels throughout Mexico.  She wants to provide a service to luxury destinations, resorts and most of all to cover the States of Mexico and perhaps to introduce the client to little known destinations. Cathy would like to help the UK Travel Industry to make the right decision for their clients.  For more information contact or message through LinkedIn.”

Please come to know to my Mexico!