Friday, 16 December 2011

Welcome to the month of November!



Welcome to

Charles Christopher Wales….7lb 6ozs…Born on November 4th 3.40pm.
Now forever known as “Charlie” The light of my life!!!
Never having been a Grandmother before, this is a whole new world…
For once “My” Mexico has been put on “hold”!!! For my new role as Abuelita!!!

A whirlwind of a month splitting my time between World Travel market and Camden, home to Charlie..!!
It never fails to amaze me how the dedicated visitors from Mexico brave the horrendous journey to Excel!! Whilst it might be a great venue…it is often a “nightmare” to get to!! But a true trooper is the Mexican Travel Industry partner, so back and forth they will go…!
My old friend Yvonne Sandoval came this year, we have known each other for so many years..Her product COPPER CANYON is an absolute wonder and just gets better and better.
Yvonne has now designed a route via the Mennonite Farms and glorious scenery Up to Creel and the Canyon. Then taking the journey down to Los Mochis and onto Mazatlan!! A true delight…Believe me because I have made this trip.(We like to think it is exclusive to Mexican Tours!)
Passing also through London was Samuel Owner of gorgeous LAS ALCOBAS.
This is our new “Favourite”…as a total insomniac I had one of the best nights sleep of my life at this lovely property. Situated in the district of POLANCO, in actual fact very close to our Casa Vieja, completely different aspects of property however look out in my next blog for “The story of Las Alcobas”

My old friend Daniel Dultzin came up to London from his country home…Once the Mexican ambassador to the Republic of Ireland…Always a joy to talk to. There is nothing like good old “Mexican Gossip”!! We went to Wahaka in
Wardour Street
, Fabulous…not quite as fabulous as my adored Meztizo near
Warren Street

We have put together some fabulous Itineraries during November, each more intricate then the next…Puebla and the beautiful Meson Sacristia (with cookery classes)!!
AMARTE: Let me tell you the story of Amarte...created, designed and built by Jose Luis Murano and his lovely wife Sally...The original owners of Maroma…I am sure there is not a person in the world that I have not bored to death with the story that I discovered Maroma when it was the private home of Jose Luis and Sally..! Eventually being sold to orient express…Well! Maroma is actually next door…a perfect little resort with individuals casitas, gorgeous grounds, fabulous restaurant.
Boutique, private and perfect!!
Las Palapas rediscovered by me in April...what a hidden Gem, still there; please let’s hope it is never changed…
November saw the opening of Paradisus.
I am an adored fan of Gabriel Escarrer owner of Melia sol and a resident of my “other” life… “Mallorca”. So here is another triumph for him….!!
Also working with two very inexpensive and “secret properties in Playa del Carmen…Ask us and we will tell you which hotels they are.!!
TRAILFINDERS launched their Guatemala and Belize tours (Guess who designed these for them!!) They cannot possibly fail to “fly” what a joy these two countries are Guatemala is Mexico 50 years ago and Belize is paradise!!
Lunches, Dinners, Events…!!
Bumped into my old friend Judith Chalmers at the Lady Taverners Ladies Lunch…Judith thanked me and raved about her recent visit to LAS BRISAS..Acapulco…Judith and Las Brisas go hand in glove with each other. Both very stylish!! And very upmarket!!
Attended Travel Counsellors Conference WOW!! What an event!! I was also blown away by Birmingham!! What a revelation. Fabulous Stores and restaurants.
The Foreign Airlines Christmas Luncheon a runaway success with Fabio Cappello a delight. I personally hate football unless it comes in the form of David Ginola (although we have designed itineraries for many footballers)…but I did enjoy Fabio’s company and repartee..
I finally managed to ride my horse Ricardo…probably one of the few horses who understands Spanish!!..(Now taking second place for my heartstrings!!)

So I now leave you all to spend some quality time with him and with the new male in my life!! Yes you guessed it “Charlie”

Wishing Happy Christmas to all who read this…Lets look forward to a great new year for us all, but most especially a better year for “my” Mexico!!!