Friday, 16 December 2011

Welcome to the month of November!



Welcome to

Charles Christopher Wales….7lb 6ozs…Born on November 4th 3.40pm.
Now forever known as “Charlie” The light of my life!!!
Never having been a Grandmother before, this is a whole new world…
For once “My” Mexico has been put on “hold”!!! For my new role as Abuelita!!!

A whirlwind of a month splitting my time between World Travel market and Camden, home to Charlie..!!
It never fails to amaze me how the dedicated visitors from Mexico brave the horrendous journey to Excel!! Whilst it might be a great venue…it is often a “nightmare” to get to!! But a true trooper is the Mexican Travel Industry partner, so back and forth they will go…!
My old friend Yvonne Sandoval came this year, we have known each other for so many years..Her product COPPER CANYON is an absolute wonder and just gets better and better.
Yvonne has now designed a route via the Mennonite Farms and glorious scenery Up to Creel and the Canyon. Then taking the journey down to Los Mochis and onto Mazatlan!! A true delight…Believe me because I have made this trip.(We like to think it is exclusive to Mexican Tours!)
Passing also through London was Samuel Owner of gorgeous LAS ALCOBAS.
This is our new “Favourite”…as a total insomniac I had one of the best nights sleep of my life at this lovely property. Situated in the district of POLANCO, in actual fact very close to our Casa Vieja, completely different aspects of property however look out in my next blog for “The story of Las Alcobas”

My old friend Daniel Dultzin came up to London from his country home…Once the Mexican ambassador to the Republic of Ireland…Always a joy to talk to. There is nothing like good old “Mexican Gossip”!! We went to Wahaka in
Wardour Street
, Fabulous…not quite as fabulous as my adored Meztizo near
Warren Street

We have put together some fabulous Itineraries during November, each more intricate then the next…Puebla and the beautiful Meson Sacristia (with cookery classes)!!
AMARTE: Let me tell you the story of Amarte...created, designed and built by Jose Luis Murano and his lovely wife Sally...The original owners of Maroma…I am sure there is not a person in the world that I have not bored to death with the story that I discovered Maroma when it was the private home of Jose Luis and Sally..! Eventually being sold to orient express…Well! Maroma is actually next door…a perfect little resort with individuals casitas, gorgeous grounds, fabulous restaurant.
Boutique, private and perfect!!
Las Palapas rediscovered by me in April...what a hidden Gem, still there; please let’s hope it is never changed…
November saw the opening of Paradisus.
I am an adored fan of Gabriel Escarrer owner of Melia sol and a resident of my “other” life… “Mallorca”. So here is another triumph for him….!!
Also working with two very inexpensive and “secret properties in Playa del Carmen…Ask us and we will tell you which hotels they are.!!
TRAILFINDERS launched their Guatemala and Belize tours (Guess who designed these for them!!) They cannot possibly fail to “fly” what a joy these two countries are Guatemala is Mexico 50 years ago and Belize is paradise!!
Lunches, Dinners, Events…!!
Bumped into my old friend Judith Chalmers at the Lady Taverners Ladies Lunch…Judith thanked me and raved about her recent visit to LAS BRISAS..Acapulco…Judith and Las Brisas go hand in glove with each other. Both very stylish!! And very upmarket!!
Attended Travel Counsellors Conference WOW!! What an event!! I was also blown away by Birmingham!! What a revelation. Fabulous Stores and restaurants.
The Foreign Airlines Christmas Luncheon a runaway success with Fabio Cappello a delight. I personally hate football unless it comes in the form of David Ginola (although we have designed itineraries for many footballers)…but I did enjoy Fabio’s company and repartee..
I finally managed to ride my horse Ricardo…probably one of the few horses who understands Spanish!!..(Now taking second place for my heartstrings!!)

So I now leave you all to spend some quality time with him and with the new male in my life!! Yes you guessed it “Charlie”

Wishing Happy Christmas to all who read this…Lets look forward to a great new year for us all, but most especially a better year for “my” Mexico!!!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hello to all who read this....!!

I began this "manuscript" believe it or not in August...!! I felt compelled to write down my thoughts at that time! Then other pressing events took over and the "blog"just got shelved. I love to lose myself in writing so it is a bit of luxury which has to take second place to actual work however, here i am back again and here we go!

In August i watched and listened in total amazement and horror to the riot problems going on in and around London! How many times people say to me "Mexico is dangerous, Mexico is violent and so forth and it is always from a source that has never been to Mexico having absolutely no idea as to how the country or the history is.

So there i was watching all this going and i was reminded of my childhood in North London, Lving in a deprived area amidst Squalor,aggression and ignorance. Mexico for me has Sophistication, Culture, Style and all that comes with good manners and personal pride.!! I have never seen riot in Mexico City! I have never been accosted by a "Hoodie", never felt afraid to walk alone in the city. How afraid would i be to walk in Tottenham.?

August also bought some lovely events, the annual Trailfinders party by the river. We very mindful of the wonders of "My "Mexico.. Here at Mexican Tours we create quite detailed itineraries to show the real wonders of the country and not just a standard "easy" package product. The consultants at Trailfinders are all very interested in learning about the product.

September found me en route to Mexico again, but this time with a difference. Flying Iberia in Business Class was a revelation! I left on the early flight out of Heathrow to Madrid and a very efficient transfer to Terminal 4 enabling me to connect with the Mexico Flght. Fabolous food...all the things i love...gorgeous wines... I watched 4 episodes of Madmen, what more could anyone want. Lots of laughs with the Crew with our memories of my days flying out of Mallorca. The beds are comfortable, the wine's superb...I really loved my flight! Upon my return i could not wait to get in touch with my old mate Ray Blok "Mr Iberia" as he is known, to tell him how great it all was.....

Arriving refreshed and happy to Mexico City and the rain. Sad to see the Airport littered with Mexicana Aircraft...lying there like lost, scattered souls!! How much of my life went into promoting "My" airline, Mexicana!

I was attending a Travel Fair F.I.T.A (International Tourism Fair of the Americas)in Sante Fe. This is the business district some 45minutes outside the City:here we have great Hotels and restaurants; a bit like Canary Wharf but instead of City Airport you have Toluca (40 mins to Acaplco)..a small Airport but so well organized, non of the huge overwhelming bustle of Benito Juarez Airport. This complete 4day trip was expertly arranged by Christina Cunchillos of Latina Marketing. I cannot praise this company highly enough.

I split my time between The Camino Real and the NH properties.I could not fault either and cannot recommend them highly enough. I returned eventually to my home from home;Casa Vieja...but i did spend time on this visit at Las Alcobas.!!This Hotel is just perfect!! Yes it is...Watch this space...

I also made a discovery...I always teach my girls in the office that you cannot know a Hotel until you sleep in it.So off i went to the Royal...This is where my beauty Ladies are situated, in Zona Rosa.. i have been visiting these same ladies for 25 Years! Can you imagine?So this time i decided to overnight, hard though it was to tear myself away from my adored Polanco district but well worth it. I found a little treasure of  a suite overlooking the tiny roof top pool. Normally i walk from Uptown to Downtown along the glorious Avenida Reforma...but since i wanted to do some dedicated shopping i needed to be near the largest department store in Mexico City- Liverpool.!!

I have to say that i was completely lost in "heaven" in the Baby Department.. I only hope this baby of Joanne's (my daughter) is a girl because i bought everything in Lilac.!!

I also found a new experience to pass onto our clients- SAN LUIS POTASI.....a gorgeous little Palace, a true museum piece. I wonder how many people reading this Blog will know where San Luis Potasi is or Zacatecas;but these are places that we fit into our itineraries for the discerning client who wishes to see the REAL Mexico!! I could go into more detail, but i won't!! I have so much competition out there!! We consider ourselves to be the experts on Mexican Travel but it has been known for our competitors to copy ideas, and invade our enthusiasm. We spend hours on the intricate work of planning itineraries, it is so hard to have them stolen and branded into some "package" brochure.

We are Inventive, Dedicated and Passionate but we are not "Cheap"!!
Come to know Mexico, the Matos Way!!!!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Left out Bits!

I wanted to put in bits I left out in last blog (July). 

Peter's Marathon Inspection Trip
Peter from Cathy Matos Mexican Tours took off all in a hurry to attend the travel fair in Merida.  He then experienced for the first time Mayair on the flight Merida to Cancun.  Please keep an eye out for their new route to Veracruz! 

He began with visiting Hyatt Regency Hotel Cancun.  I have always had an awful lot to say about this property since I think it is so splendid now!  I am very fond of Hanan Zanzuri who I have known for over 25 years.  Hanan used to be a Director of this property all those years ago.  He is now back under a completely new guise.  I have many memories of Cancun when it first exploded into the world of tourism.  Hyatt Regency was one of the first hotels.  I therefore like and feel very comfortable in the area where it is.  I find it to be a stunning and iconic building.  Peter was a bit overwhelmed with it all, so used as he is to working with us on small, boutique, hidden places.  I would encourage clients to stay here as it is a really trendy place and now has a great, huge beach, good spa and is bang, smack in front of Coco Bongo (but that's another story!).

Peter proceeded down the coast stopping off at Maroma, the gorgeous, expensive, exclusive Orient Express property followed by Amarte.  Amarte is what Maroma was to start with, very special, very private.  If you want more details you have to ask me personally because I am very close to this paradise and its owners. 

Tides Riviera Maya - what was Ikal del Mar.  I have always gone on about this property and nothing really describe quite what luxury there is here.  As I keep saying in my blogs "what is luxury?"  It is the experience. 

Royal Hideaway - don't think we have mentioned this hotel before.  All-inclusive, gated, lovely. 

Al Cielo - as diferent as chalk and cheese to all properties mentioned so far.  Peter loved it.

Omni Puerto Aventuras - our all-time favourite. 

Dreams Tulum (Peter went to every bar and every restaurant!). 

New name for us to work with - Jacinta - situated in Tulum.  There are many, many properties now in Tulum, all small, chic, quiet and bijoux.  Be Tulum continues to be our favourite.  Cabanas de Ana y Jose running a very close second.  Las Ranitas was Peter's favourite stop. 

Back to Merida for Peter for his stay at Hacienda Misne, Hacienda Xcanatun and of course our home from home Casa del Balam.  I could write pages and pages about Hacienda Misne and Hacienda Xcanatun but I would rather you came through and asked us for information because words cannot describe how beautiful and totally Yucatecan these original old homes are.  When we put itineraries together at Mexican Tours we concentrate on distances, atmosphere and what people really want to see thereby the placing of a hotel in Merida has to fit in with the touring and the distances covered by the client.  Campeche for example is a whole different journey and has to be set into a programme keeping the travelling distance in mind, the venue therefore chosen for the one or two overnights in Merida beforehand is very important.

Peter travelled on Continental Airlines using their fabulous connection via Houston directly to Merida.

We have his very detailed report if anyone would like a copy.

I am in the process of designing a portfolio to be called "My Private Mallorca".  I lived on this lovely island prior to marrying Joanne's father and returned to it after my divorce from Joanne's father!  I visit regularly and love being here.  During my last visit I spent time on the new wine tours that are currently available.  These consist of visiting beautiful bodegas in Binissalem, eating at wonderful local and very old established restaurants with typical Mallorcan cuisine.  You pass through Sineu, you can even go as far as Petra.  How many people know that Fray Juniperos Sierra founded the first mission in Carmel California and where did he originate from?  Petra.  I also visited an exquisite Bodega situated just 10 mins from Lluc Monastery.  I have been visiting this monastery for years and have actually completed the annual pilgrimage walk four times.  This involves covering 38 kms from the centre of Palma up the mountains to Lluc.  There is so much to see on this beautiful island and so much very, very "secret" stuff.  Look out for my new brochure.

Hope to be back with you in September.  Have a lovely summer.  Cathy

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Beginning of Summer

Well I have not said a lot of late…So much has been going on...

I returned from my adored Mexico in April after attending the annual Travel Fair held for the past 40 years in Acapulco.  Just made it in time for “The Wedding”!  London was full to bursting, all the Spring Flowers were out in full Bloom.  “It must be May” Anne Boleyn said from her prison in the Tower of London “because I can smell the Hawthorn”.  The City did not disappoint and it was a wonderful occasion... A joy to behold…

Business to Mexico also blooms at the moment…My office is busy with enquiries for the Tailor-made tours and the Special Experience that is Mexico…Who was it who once said, “Luxury is not a five star Hotel but an Experience”?

We attended many receptions during May, Capella Hotels to name but one.  We are involved with this property in conjunction with The Organic Pharmacy.  This glorious Hotel is situated in Los Cabos and the Organic Pharmacy is situated in one of my favourite spots, right opposite the London Palladium Theatre. Gorgeous products to buy and you may win our holiday to Mexico!

The great Ed Steiner from The One & Only came to London, one of the greatest Hotel Directors in the World!  The property, also situated in Los Cabos, is sensational but then all you “Fans” of One & Only out there know this…We at Mexican Tours can put together all those secret little touches to make a stay in Los Cabos, the holiday of a lifetime!

June came blasting in, sunshine, heat and long endless golden evenings...Ascot  and it rained!  Joanne refused to let me wear my Wellington Boots in the Royal Enclosure!…More summer functions…Dinner with Occidental Hotels, their Royal Hideaway on the Riviera Maya is one of my own personal, special places!
The annual Quality Travel picnic came and went...a wonderful event but of course it just had to rain! Our monthly F.A.A.(Foreign Airlines Association Luncheon) held at the Melia Hotel was a stunning success...Paella and croquettas!

On the subject of Paella y Croquettas…July finds me in Mallorca, whilst Peter hurtles along the Yucatan coast!  Let me explain.   Peter was despatched at very short notice to attend a travel Fair in Merida.  From there he took what can only be described as the Inspection trip from Hell!  I had planned an itinerary for a different Hotel every night for four days with site inspections at five Hotels per day!  Bless him,  he completed the entire project!  I will do a separate Blog for all the properties...

Meanwhile yours truly swanned off to the second most fabulous place on earth “My Mallorca”  and took a new Wine Tour..

I will explain in more detail to follow.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Trip to Paradise

Just arrived at Washington Dulles Airport, flew with United in Economy Plus...Super!
Great check-in at LHR... great crew on the flight.  As an ex-Stewardess myself I love "in flight chats and catch-up’s”!

Have walked the length and breadth of Terminals C, D and B looking for that elusive "Boutique"! No such luck, all I gave myself was Blisters!

Passengers beware the E.S.T.A. (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) is now well established and passengers not having completed this requirement will be possibly refused onward U.S. travel.

Arrive in Mexico City at 10p.m...I love arriving here at this hour, the evening is just beginning, always buzzy, happy smiling people and my lovely 7ft tall Ramon to meet me!  Off I go to Casa Vieja, my Margarita ready upon arrival, along with my selection of cheeses, cold bottle of white wine and rose petals on the bed!

Up with the Lark (this area of the City is one with the most incredible birdsong in the early morning).  Breakfast on the terrace where I bumped into some of our clients.  Decided to drive to Acapulco (or rather be driven) which in a way is almost as quick as flying by the time you get back to the Airport, it is just as easy to go by road and stop off en route in Cuernavaca for lunch.

A true delight, the first of the Mexican resorts to hit the headlines in the 40's and 50's.  A three hour drive by road via "The Eternal Spring City" of Cuernavaca or a 45 minute flight from Mexico City.  I stayed at the fabulous and famous LAS BRISAS, home to "Fun in Acapulco" with Elvis Presley and to the sadly departed Elizabeth Taylor for her birthday visits.  The views of the Bay from Las Brisas are some of the best in the world.  Frank Sinatra was not wrong when he recorded "Fly me to the Moon"!  This is a true glamorous resort and so badly misunderstood. Who would know for example that you can go down to the main strip for breakfast on the beach at 6 a.m. and watch the fishermen bring in their nets just loaded with Lobsters and Fish or that you could literally exit one of the incredibly sophisticated Disco's at 6 a.m. and do the same thing! Many of the most sumptuous private homes are to be found in Acapulco.  Don’t forget the richest man in the World (Carlos Slim) is Mexican and yes he also has a home here!

Made a very sentimental visit to the old Los Flamingos Hotel.  This property was built by the “Hell Raisers” of Hollywood in its day; John Wayne, Alan Ladd, Johnny Weissmuller and believe it or not it finally became the last home to Bob Spiers, creator of “Absolutely Fabulous” and “Are you Being Served”.

I flew Acapulco to Toluca Airport.  How fabulous is this on INTERJET…40 mins up and down and a small quiet airport on arrival.  Luggage comes immediately, outside and into the car and reached Mexico City in 45 minutes.  Go directly to my Beauty Ladies.  These ladies are the best in the world and I should know, I have been visiting them for 25 years.  They do all my treatments and do their best to repair my poor little feet.  After three days of walking around the travel show my original blisters have become something like "creatures from the deep"!
Change and out for Dinner! I love to "dress up" in Mexico City.  No shorts or t-shirts in this up-market area of Polanco.  Drinks at the exquisitely sophisticated LAS ALCOBAS.  This hotel now has a signature chef restaurant, Butlers for each room, immaculate service and even a soap menu.

Must make a mention of a visit I made to a great little apartment building with strictly kosher restaurant.

Lunch next day at a fabulous restaurant in the Banking district; full of fabulous designer outfits and Saville Row Suits and fish to fresh you would think you had died and gone to heaven!  A ride of "terror" in my escort's Ferrari to the airport and board Aero Mexico for my flight to Cancun. I sit as always on the plane and mourn the sight of the Airport littered with the planes of my "departed" Mexicana!

Arrival into Cancun, met and escorted by Scott Balesteri, Director of Omni Hotels; what an honour to have him himself drive me all the way.

Believe it or not have never stayed at the Omni Puerto Aventuras before, which means I have not done my little investigations that I do into “secret” beach places, hidden alcoves etc. and these I have certainly found.

Arriving to total peace and tranquility…I actually checked in behind some Americans and just heard the chap say “WOW”!  I don’t want to spoil the surprise but it is simply lovely here so you will see for yourselves when you come and all say “WOW”!
Dinner by the sea in the moonlight …unfortunately alone  but still romantic, it felt a bit like Shirley Valentine without Tom Conti!  I had shrimp Tacos and a glass of excellent wine, fish so fresh and delicious.  Remember I always say that no Mexican housewife would buy our fish laid out for days on the supermarket slab!

Room so comfortable with a huge bed and a great T.V. Terrace with hammock and yes a Jacuzzi.  I know that in this day and age sometimes this can be considered naff but believe me with candles and Mayan infusions this could be very romantic.  It was “wasted” on just me!
Off to explore the beach this morning and found gorgeous nooks and crannies.  I am never a great “Fan” of snorkeling along the shores of Cancun but here amongst the rocks and sand dunes I saw lots of pretty tropical little chappies!
If you ask me to tell you where these “hidden” places are I will…if you don’t ask me then I won’t!
As a “Loner” which I am Omni ticks all the boxes; lots of quiet places.  Today there is a small wedding being prepared but even with all this going on I have been able to wander about and swim both in the pool and the sea without being bothered by or having to speak to anyone which suits me just fine.  Outside the Hotel is a little convenience shop to buy wine, suntan cream or whatever you may need.  I can’t think of anything more perfect.  Imagine if you are on a huge complex and only have the “Hotel Shop” to rely on, I cannot think of anything worse. I love freedom to what I want when I want to and here you have this.  For children you have the “Swim with Dolphins” and yes I have checked it all out.  Omni is for me and I don’t want to leave!


Well…What an amazing stay at this paradise!  This is a top notch luxury resort.  Only 30 separate villas with pool, huge bed, bathroom, garden, TV, Bose sound system and IPod dock. Also my room had a very sexy outside shower.  In fact the whole concept is sexy and exciting.  Once again I am in my” Shirley Valentine” guise! The Beach is sensational and goes on forever.  This is a boutique Hotel with interesting things going on. Thursday is Guests’ cocktail and a special Chef’s table.  There are cookery classes throughout the week.  On Tuesdays it is Tapas evening with all local Yucatecan dishes. I am sure I do not have to tell our Clients that the Yucatecan Cuisine is one of the best in the World.  Obviously the only person who does not know this is Jeremy Clarkson!

I had the Ancient Mayan Massage yesterday and what a treat.  It is an ancient Mayan system cleansing treatment and does absolutely leave you with a feeling of complete liberation and rejuvenation.

Food! My favorite subject of course! I had room service when I arrived (I love room service)
Excellent. The service levels at this Hotel are amazing.  Yesterday evening I had a glorious dinner in true Tides tradition wherein the food is matched to the wines not the other way around.  All Mexican Wines from amazing vineyards, some very ancient.  It was a masterpiece.

Tides is one of the few 5 Star boutique properties along this coast line. Is it expensive? Yes.  Is it worth it? Yes! Do not ask us for a “Cheaper room” or an upgrade! All suites are the same except for the Presidential of course which is out of this world.  Would you walk into the Ritz, the Savoy or the Dorchester and ask for “Cheaper”? I rest my case…

Went from here to Al Cielo.  This is our very special “secret” at Mexican Tours.  Only 5 rooms, the ultimate in total seclusion, beach goes on forever.  The restaurant is famous amongst all the local hoteliers along this coast.  Please ask us for details.

Amarte.  A beautiful complex of private casitas set amongst lush gardens and fountains.  Situated next to Maroma (Orient Express), built by the original owners and architects of Maroma.  We have sole agency for this property so please ask us for details.

Dreams Tulum.  The “All-inclusive”!  This is a large property (400 rooms) I was really very, very impressed.  The beach goes on and on and on.  I was in an old section of the hotel in what was originally the Presidential Suite.  There are 5 of these suites available and they are out of this world.  Excellent value and whilst we are not know at Mexican tours to “favour” the all-inclusive I would have no hesitation in recommending this fine property.

Now beginning a service to Chetumal so our client could continue along the cost from Tulum to entry into Belize and Guatemala.

Other properties visited in Tulum were
Cabanas de Ana y José
Las Ranitas
Be Tulum.

And so back to Miami.  After 7 nights of comfort, cleanliness, luxury and fresh air we come to the Runway Inn!  I have taken in my time a huge amount of negative comments reference “My” Mexico.  I always remember years ago when people would say “Acapulco must be like Blackpool”.  How would they know?!  Finding myself stranded at 2am I can tell you that the Runway Inn has no comparison with anywhere I have ever visited, not even Blackpool!  And this was the USA.

News of the office…we have a wonderful new admin assistant called Nora. 

Monday, 14 March 2011

My Blog No 3

Here I am with number 3 BLOG… Where to begin?  What a whirlwind February was!

I don’t know which was the most distressing event of the month...The sad death of Joanne and John’s beloved cat , savaged by terriers off the lead outside their cottage on Dartmoor, or the inane, senseless, ignorant remarks of Jeremy Clarkson! That caused such distress to so many people throughout Mexico, not to mention also here in U.K.  I have never watched the programme, I have no interest in cars and no interest whatsoever in Jeremy Clarkson and even less so now! The ignorant remarks make even less sense since Mexico just received the UNESCO  award for their Cuisine !

OLLIE, the 10 year old small tiger! So timid he was afraid of a snowflake…his purr was loud enough to be heard a mile away. Intelligent, gentle and glorious to look at.  So sad.  Even the staff at the local vet in Devon cried when they heard he had died of his injuries!  So that was how the month began.

Orient Express held their gorgeous party at the Ritz Hotel.  My wonderful Maroma represented in its full splendour by Heda, the Sales Director, working her socks off as per usual.

Roy Colletts Annual Travel Show with Roy also working his socks off!   This was held this year at Lord’s Cricket Ground.  It was simply great and I felt very priviledged to be and there to be part of it all.

Foreign Airlines Association kicked back into action after the Christmas break. The memories of our Christmas function with His Royal Highness Prince Edward still linger, I had such a good time!  This event was held at the Dorchester, all orchestrated by the extremely capable Craig Mcilveen!  We are now back to our monthly meetings and luncheon at the Melia White House. If there is anyone out there who feels they could be one of our Guest Speakers then do please get in touch with me as we are always on the look out? Although it will be hard to beat the glamour and personality of our Prince in such lovely setting.

Back to my favourite subject…Mexico!

Capella Hotel's party at the Haymarket Hotel.  How perfectly the venue complemented this beautiful hotel chain which  was recently voted "The most Romantic Hotel" by Conde Nast.

Met with Jennifer Virgilio of Black Book.  One of the hotels they represent is the glorious Las Alcobas, so trendy, “Glamorous”! Stunning rooms, 24 hours Butler service…Signature Chef Restaurant and situated in the up market district of Polanco in Mexico City.
March blew in with more cold and sadness…How many people out there remember the great Larry Langley who headed up TWA years ago?  What an Airline personality …He took TWA by the scruff of the neck and made it happen! Style, panache and handsome to boot! A Yorkshire man through and through!
Our lovely Dita Boetcher died suddenly and I attended her funeral at the Hampstead Cemetery.  It was so beautiful.  I have never used that word in connection with a burial before but it truly was.  I even managed to pronounce the Hebrew words…so long forgotten! Dita was the Luncheon Secretary for many years of the Association of Women Travel Executives.  There was a time when 600 people sat down for this event, an invitation was like gold dust.  Dita took it all in her confident stride, always glamorous (this seems to be my word of the day!), always there to “pick up the pieces”.  I cannot count how many times I went to her with my “troubles”, nearly always of the heart!  I will miss her terribly, it sounds strange to say but she was like a second mother to me.

Finally on the event circuit we had the SPAA IN Glasgow…always fun, so Scotland, I love Glasgow, I could live there! Even though the cold is colder and the wind blowier, the Glaswegians are so warm and friendly, cuddly and funny. Unlike the U.K. with its harshness, snobbery and Jeremy Clarkson!


Off to attend the annual Mexican Travel Fair…TIANGUIS in Acapulco…Big, Glamorous (that word again!) held at the fabulously refurbished Convention Centre.  Spectacular luncheons and dinner parties at exquisite venues…..splendid new hotels, gorgeously posh Villas…Midnight Fireworks!  All Acapulco style!   One of my most favourite places to be.  To have all this and the bonus of being with my adored Mexican friends and business associates all together under a tropical sky drinking our Margaritas and listening to romantic trios and the glorious Mariachi…

When I am back I will be telling you all about it and hope I can encourage  you to visit places we can recommend, especially for you, with the Mexican Tours expertise... 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More travels...

Please excuse me if this ‘Blog’ is not the ‘norm’!

This is only my second attempt so I can only write down how I feel and what I am doing at that precise moment…so what you see is what you get!

At this precise moment I am in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria…waiting for Yurena’s baby to join us!

Yurena has worked at Mexican Tours for nearly 6 years and whilst, of course, she is extremely happy waiting for her child, I am wondering how on earth we will cope without her for the next months. 

Everyone within our company has a world of knowledge on Mexico at their fingertips – Yurena knows as much about Mexico as I do however we have Jackie coming on board to help us.  Jackie has travelled extensively with me within Mexico (she is Joanne's Godmother!)

Just so everyone knows, I will be in and around the office everyday plus I promise to have my mobile switched on at all times to give any help and advice.

Just have to tell you how Las Palmas is – FABULOUS...the little beach resorts are quite reminiscent of Mexico, with their pretty painted houses – and of course so like Havana!!

I lived here for 6 months many years ago! I was a stewardess with a small Mallorcan charter airline! After I was caught smoking on duty by the chief pilot (whom I subsequently married) I was banished to Las Palmas as a punishment in order to fly the "dreaded" (because it was so long) Canary Island/Stockholm route twice a week! (No rules and regulations on working hours in  those days) anyway…some punishment, it was lovely, I will always remember the smell of the sea! The glorious stretch of beach at Las Canteras....Still the same,
still the same lovely Atlantic ocean smell.....On this subject I also never realised in  those days that Christopher Columbus sailed from here with his 3 ships to the Americas!  Having dropped my sunglasses in the sea at a wonderful little cove we found I can only assume that this very expensive article is now on its way back to Bloomingdales from whence they came!

I am cosily ensconced in the Tryp Iberia (a Melia property) which has the most wonderful old fashioned service, however I do have to say .. what on earth were we doing when living here? How come we never visited the old quarter of the City situated within walking distance of the Melia and just a delight, you are literally stepping back into 1492!
This visit has reminded me of how much these islands have to offer to the more discerning traveller.  The Canaries are as misunderstood as Mexico when it comes to luxury travel.