Monday, 14 March 2011

My Blog No 3

Here I am with number 3 BLOG… Where to begin?  What a whirlwind February was!

I don’t know which was the most distressing event of the month...The sad death of Joanne and John’s beloved cat , savaged by terriers off the lead outside their cottage on Dartmoor, or the inane, senseless, ignorant remarks of Jeremy Clarkson! That caused such distress to so many people throughout Mexico, not to mention also here in U.K.  I have never watched the programme, I have no interest in cars and no interest whatsoever in Jeremy Clarkson and even less so now! The ignorant remarks make even less sense since Mexico just received the UNESCO  award for their Cuisine !

OLLIE, the 10 year old small tiger! So timid he was afraid of a snowflake…his purr was loud enough to be heard a mile away. Intelligent, gentle and glorious to look at.  So sad.  Even the staff at the local vet in Devon cried when they heard he had died of his injuries!  So that was how the month began.

Orient Express held their gorgeous party at the Ritz Hotel.  My wonderful Maroma represented in its full splendour by Heda, the Sales Director, working her socks off as per usual.

Roy Colletts Annual Travel Show with Roy also working his socks off!   This was held this year at Lord’s Cricket Ground.  It was simply great and I felt very priviledged to be and there to be part of it all.

Foreign Airlines Association kicked back into action after the Christmas break. The memories of our Christmas function with His Royal Highness Prince Edward still linger, I had such a good time!  This event was held at the Dorchester, all orchestrated by the extremely capable Craig Mcilveen!  We are now back to our monthly meetings and luncheon at the Melia White House. If there is anyone out there who feels they could be one of our Guest Speakers then do please get in touch with me as we are always on the look out? Although it will be hard to beat the glamour and personality of our Prince in such lovely setting.

Back to my favourite subject…Mexico!

Capella Hotel's party at the Haymarket Hotel.  How perfectly the venue complemented this beautiful hotel chain which  was recently voted "The most Romantic Hotel" by Conde Nast.

Met with Jennifer Virgilio of Black Book.  One of the hotels they represent is the glorious Las Alcobas, so trendy, “Glamorous”! Stunning rooms, 24 hours Butler service…Signature Chef Restaurant and situated in the up market district of Polanco in Mexico City.
March blew in with more cold and sadness…How many people out there remember the great Larry Langley who headed up TWA years ago?  What an Airline personality …He took TWA by the scruff of the neck and made it happen! Style, panache and handsome to boot! A Yorkshire man through and through!
Our lovely Dita Boetcher died suddenly and I attended her funeral at the Hampstead Cemetery.  It was so beautiful.  I have never used that word in connection with a burial before but it truly was.  I even managed to pronounce the Hebrew words…so long forgotten! Dita was the Luncheon Secretary for many years of the Association of Women Travel Executives.  There was a time when 600 people sat down for this event, an invitation was like gold dust.  Dita took it all in her confident stride, always glamorous (this seems to be my word of the day!), always there to “pick up the pieces”.  I cannot count how many times I went to her with my “troubles”, nearly always of the heart!  I will miss her terribly, it sounds strange to say but she was like a second mother to me.

Finally on the event circuit we had the SPAA IN Glasgow…always fun, so Scotland, I love Glasgow, I could live there! Even though the cold is colder and the wind blowier, the Glaswegians are so warm and friendly, cuddly and funny. Unlike the U.K. with its harshness, snobbery and Jeremy Clarkson!


Off to attend the annual Mexican Travel Fair…TIANGUIS in Acapulco…Big, Glamorous (that word again!) held at the fabulously refurbished Convention Centre.  Spectacular luncheons and dinner parties at exquisite venues…..splendid new hotels, gorgeously posh Villas…Midnight Fireworks!  All Acapulco style!   One of my most favourite places to be.  To have all this and the bonus of being with my adored Mexican friends and business associates all together under a tropical sky drinking our Margaritas and listening to romantic trios and the glorious Mariachi…

When I am back I will be telling you all about it and hope I can encourage  you to visit places we can recommend, especially for you, with the Mexican Tours expertise...