Friday, 4 May 2012


April and Herm Island.

What better way to begin this wonderful month but with a visit to Herm Island.

A very dear friend has for years been telling me about Herm Island.

My day began with a 25 minute flight out of Exeter – Guernsey – then ferry across to the Island.  I was actually there by 10.30a.m., the day was mine!

It was heaven, .with   the sun splitting the blue sky and the sea a shade of aquamarine with glittering diamonds swirling on top.

At sunset I visited the little chapel set on the Cliffside…. - amazingly very reminiscent of the one in CHICHENITZA……………….

Cocktails, then off to dinner at The White House Hotel.  Crisp linen, elegant table setting, excellent dinner, inexpensive …early to bed (unheard of for me!!) Slept like a log. .|(Also unheard of for me)…Off early for a walk around Island….I think I could live here it is just so perfect!!

Met with The Bailey Family...Andrew is a Director on Herm, he, Lesley and their Son travelled with us at Christmas… Katherine their daughter is at University  in… Puebla  Mexico.
Lovely to sit and chat about the trip…. And fabulous to hear that it all went so well..

At Mexican Tours, we like to think that we put together a patchwork quilt in building an itinerary. .It was a joy to do this for The Baileys..

I actually had a tear in my eye as I sailed back to the mainland…..

I cannot wait to return……

Everyone should visit this Magic place.